“For its elegant camera work, sound design and narrative structure, its quietly beautiful depiction of the texture of its subjects’ daily lives, and its achievement in articulating contradictions while maintaining a sense of hope, the Outfest Grand Jury Award for Outstanding Documentary Feature film goes to Born This Way.” 

I make documentaries and commercials that transform intimate human truth into powerful and revelatory stories.

Born This Way, my first feature-length documentary, premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival and won awards around the world. Possible Selves, my newest film, will premiere in 2021. While creating commercials and branded content, I have had the pleasure to work around the world with clients including General Electric, The Courage Campaign, People for the American Way and Partners in Health.
But before all of that, I was a lanky gay kid in conservative Central California where I learned to be brave and to trust my own voice. I was the first in my family to go to college. I studied experimental music at Carleton College where I learned to be artistically fearless. As a Fulbright Scholar in Sri Lanka during the country’s tragic civil war, I learned empathy and respect for multiple perspectives. As North American marketing director for BYD, the world’s second largest electric vehicle company, I learned that a brand’s story can be as powerful as an individual’s.

I bring this experience to my filmmaking practice today, which allows me to tell stories with deep empathy and sophisticated storytelling technique. If you’d like to discuss working together, please say hello. We just might make something exquisite.


Roles: Director, Producer, Cinematographer

Possible Selves is an intimate, coming-of-age documentary that follows two brave teenagers in foster care through their tumultuous high school years. It is the first feature-length documentary to tell the stories of foster kids from their own perspectives. It follows Alex, Mia and their friends as they strive to attain a goal that only 3% of adults who grew up in foster care reach: graduating from college. Upcoming release in 2021. To see more: https://possibleselvesmovie.com

Roles: Director, Producer, Cinematographer

The award-winning documentary portrait of the LGBTQ+ community in Cameroon. Premiered at the Berlin International Film festival and won top honors at Outfest, Amnesty International Movies that Matter, and many more. To see more:

Roles: Director, Producer

Winner of the jury award for best documentary at Outfest.


Yacht Party

Role: Writer, Director and Producer
Client: Courage Campaign

BYD Trucks: Hard at Work

Role: Producer
Client: BYD

Insurance Jive

Roles: Writer, Director, Producer
Client: California Nurses Association

The Queen’s Cartoonists

Roles: Director, Producer
Client: Columbia Artists Music

Climate Leaders Summit

Roles: Director, Producer
Client: City of Los Angeles 

California Hangover

Roles: Writer, Director
Client: Courage Campaign


Role: Director
Client: Courage Campaign